Fitzroy Adventure Playground

Fitzroy Adventure Playground

May 16, 2017
by Cubbies Fitzroy

Cubbies Goes Solar

There was great excitement at Cubbies this week with the delivery of a large box containing solar photo-voltaic panels

Coal Flower Solar Panels

Engineering and technology advice for the solar panels has been provided by Richmond based business Clean Technology Partners

Click here for information on Clean Technology Partners

A total of 25 Suntech photo-voltaic panels have been installed on top of the Coal Flowers – one for each petal shape.  The panels will not only provide electricity for Cubbies use and feed in to the power grid but are also designed to provide shade for children using the playscape

Solar Panels

Solar panels may be on top, but it’s the inverter that does all the real work.  Enphase Energy have provided the project with world leading micro-inverters, which offers higher electricity production, greater reliability, and unmatched intelligence.

Enphase logo

Inverters convert the DC power produced by the solar panels to alternating current (AC) that is used in lighting and appliances that use 240 volts.  With a micro-inverter on each panel, if one goes out it can be isolated and the rest of the system continues to work

For information on micro-inverter technology  click on this link

Click here for information on Enphase involvement

May 9, 2017
by Cubbies Fitzroy

Property Industry Foundation Visit

Today representatives of the Property Industry Foundation visited Cubbies to assess the progress  of works by Agency of Sculpture20170509_122437_resized

Anthea Sivadis from Watpac representing PIF talks with Benjamin Gilbert of Agency of Sculpture discuss progress


All of the major components are in place ready to install the solar panels

The playground continues to offer supervised play 5 days per week20170509_110700_resized

Wendy Blakey the Executive Officer of PIF was mightily impressed by the size and creativity of the structure.  Can’t wait for the opening on 9 June.


PIF site visit to Cubbies – Lauren McKenna (LHS) from Gallagher Jeffs who oversees the project management, Benjamin Gilbert Agency of Sculpture playground designer and constructor and Wendy Blakey Property Industry Foundation – making sure we are on target

May 8, 2017
by Cubbies Fitzroy

Recognition of Cubbies by African Community in Melbourne

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the committee of management for your leadership in leading Cubbies, an organisation dedicated to helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds. I understand that most of the kids currently helped by Cubbies are from the African community.

Abeselom Nega

As the current convenor of the African Australian Leadership Forum (AACLF), the representative body of the African community in Victoria, Words cannot express the gratitude of forum for all your hard work and the efforts of leadership of Cubbies to realise this important project.

Thanks Abeselom Nega

May 6, 2017
by Cubbies Fitzroy

Coal Flower Playscape Arrives for Installation

Friday 5 May 2017 was an exciting day when, after two years of fundraising and planning, at last we can see what the new playscape will look like.  It will be huge and provide years of fun for the children of Fitzroy.

Coal Flower Pod Assembled

Pre-fabricated components arrived from the Agency of Sculpture workshop in Yackandandah  for the Coal Flower playground designed by Benjamin Gilbert.  See Sacred Heart Primary in the background

Coal Flower Structures 1

Each of the five enormous pods will be mounted on poles  with climbing devices for the children to move from pod to pod.  The name Coal Flowers comes from the ingenious design with the pods having panels made from old conveyor belts salvaged from a closed coal mine and petals each housing solar panels.

Coal Flower Craned In

Atop each pod will be a petal shaped structure each containing solar panels.  The crews craned them onto the site for final welding

Coal Flower Welding

The expert welders from Agency of Sculpture weld in place the pre-fabricated sections

Thanks to the Property Industry Foundation supporter Gallagher Jeffs for their project management of this complex installation.

Gallhager Jeffs

Gallagher Jeffs our go-to project managers.  Lauren McKenna we love your work you professionalism shines.

April 29, 2017
by Cubbies Fitzroy

Playscape Foundations Poured

Pouring foundations

Workers today poured 7.3 cubic metres of concrete for  the foundation for the new Cubbies Playscape

Conduits for solar cables

Embedded in the foundations are electrical conduit and wiring that will take to electricity generated by 25 solar panels to power cooking, heating and cooling in the Hut building.

fabricated sections delivered 28 April 2017

The solar panels will be mounted on flower petal shapes that have been fabricated off-site and are being delivered for installation by the team from Agency of Sculpture.

April 19, 2017
by Cubbies Fitzroy

New Playscape Site Works Commence


Temporary fencing has gone up for the construction team to commence installing the new playscape designed by  Ben Gilbert of the Agency of Sculpture.

Thanks to the Property Industry Foundation member WatPac for arranging the fencing .

WatPac Hat                   index


September 11, 2016
by Cubbies Fitzroy

Notice of AGM

Fitzroy Adventure Playground will hold its AGM on Monday 24 October 2016 at 5.00pm.

Members can now nominate for the following:

Chair person

Deputy Chair



General Committee Member

Nominations may be made in advance by requesting a nomination form at or you may nomiate in person on the day.

If you are unable to attend you may use a proxy vote.

David Weston


September 2, 2016
by Cubbies Fitzroy

Property Industry Foundation Supporting Cubbies

The Property Industry Foundation has supported Cubbies playground upgrade with generous support for a number of its supporters and members:

Gallhager Jeffs

Have generously provided project management support.  They have navigated the project through the approvals process so that construction can commence in early 2017


Minter Ellison are helping with the preparation of the design and construct contract and making sure we have adequate insurance cover.

The mission of the Property Industry Foundation is to make a tangible difference to the serious and persistent problem of youth homelessness by partnering with respected charities to build safe environments and support charity managed initiatives focused on education, employment and wellbeing.


A big thank you to the professional support that the Foundation has supplied especially Anthea Savidis the PIF PropertyBlitz Committee Chair, PIF Victoria Manager Wendy Brakey and Project Manager Evan Browning