Fitzroy Adventure Playground

Fitzroy Adventure Playground

What is an Adventure Playground

What is the essence of an adventure playground? In 2006 FaCSIA commissioned a report – Australian Government Funded Adventure Playgrounds – Physical and Service Guidelines.

The report stated that adventure playgrounds differ from public playgrounds for the following reasons:

  • They are only open at certain times – after school from 3.00pm -6.00pm and on weekends and school holidays.
  • Children are supervised at all times the playground is open.
  • Generally there is less emphasis on the provision of manufactured play equipment.
  • There is a greater emphasis on creative, social and cognitive play types. This could be through unstructured experimental play or through the delivery of structured activities.
  • Activities with greater elements of risk are acceptable and encouraged within the boundaries of a safe community space.
  • They provide an increased level of engagement with the community and family.
  • They are often referred to as communal backyards.
  • They often have a haphazard, uncoordinated appearance – children actively participate in building structures.

Cubbies at the corner of Condell and Young Street Fitzroy. Opposite Fitzroy Police Station and Sacred Heart Primary School.

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